Nihon Falcom Wants Their Games On Nintendo Switch

Ina recent interview, Nihon Falcom PresidentToshihiro Kondo talked about the company creating games regarding Nintendo Switch.

First, your President designed a brief comment relating to Switch:

The Nintendo switch is completely a new Nintendo machine, and also thats a actually R4isdhc Dual-Core cool thing.

Next, he expressed curiosity to. To get additional material concerning the most up to date jailbreak tech with regard to Nintendo Console, try this.make video games for your platform:

Yeah, if the chance presents itself, I would definitely like to get Falcom games on the Switch.

As the actual switch sells millions and millions of units along with begins to become recognized as a reputable gaming platform, more 3rd party developers are seeking in order to hop about board. Refer to the speaks relating to Gateway 3DS at ,The significant Nintendo3DS investigate company.Simply time will know if anything comes of his comments.