Leave No Grisly Clues Behind in Serial Cleaner, Coming to PS4

Hey, Sky3DS plus fans! Were iFun4all and were super excited to announce that our wacky, fast-paced stealth game Serial Cleaner will be making its way onto your favorite console! Working on this game has been a blast, and we want to share some of the things that make it unique.

Serial Cleaners premise is simple youre a professional cleaner, the guy whos tasked with taking care of the mess left after mafia shootouts and other grisly affairs. Your job is to remove the evidence from the scene bodies, weapons, and blood so that nobody can connect the crime to your clients. The police force is on the scene as you move through it, so a single mistake can lead to your arrest and questioning, putting a black mark on your career!

In essence, the idea of Serial Cleaner came from dynamic, lose-fast/reload-fast games that demand that you retry a level several times to learn how enemies react, and figure out which zones of the.

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map are safest. Each time you are caught, the level restarts, but elements of it will get randomized, ensuring that you cant rely on just muscle memory to get through a stage!

The Cleaner is resourceful, but hes also got years of experience under his belt his trademark Cleaner Sense allows you to have a look at each location from a birds eye view, and figure out how best to proceed. Further details on the subject of xbox.The game is tough, but fair, so plan your moves right, or just get in there and improvise: both approaches are valid!

Serial Cleaner includes a fleshed-out story campaign that takes you inside the 1970s, a decade of funky music, disco dancing, outta-sight clothes and serial killers. Join the Cleaner as he takes missions from the mafia and a new, mysterious Client, whose influence will put our anti-hero in harms way. Learn new tricks and escape new enemy types that are added into the mix as you progress through the story, and see the game change as it modifies your experience based on real-world data! Then check out one of our many Challenge Modes to see if you can beat your friends score while playing under a different set of rules!

We havent yet mentioned the games unique, angular artstyle, and a 70s-inspired soundtrack full of beats to make you bounce in your seats. Expect to hear a lot of funk, mixed with disco, hard rock, and smooth tunes to soothe the soul. Add to that unlockable alternative clothing and movie-inspired bonus levels, and youve got yourself one groovy package! Can you dig it?