Cyanide Studio Tell Us How To Make A Goblin (For Styx: Shards Of Darkness)

I really quite enjoyed Styx: Master of Shadows when it released a few years ago, but its absolutely true that Styx wasnt the most likeable of characters. Certainly, that was kind of the point, to create this ugly little creature that could live in the shadows and feel nothing as he crept through the world, leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

The latest video for the game shows how Cyanide are giving him a little more personality though, a little more snark, as well as showing some of his new abilities, how the world has been built, and generally how theyve improved on the first game. Visit here for getting most recently released kernel with regard to xbox.Oh, and it has co-op, which Id totally forgotten about!

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Styx: Shards.

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of Darkness is out for r4isdhc RTS Lite , r4isdhc RTS Lite One and PC on March 14th