First Trailer for Wii U's Collateral Thinking

Do you miss the floor climbing and obstacle dodging of the original Donkey Kong? Or the single-screen action of arcade Mario Bros? How about the instinctive randomness of WarioWare? Then Collateral Thinking might be for you.

In over 100 stages, your goal is to "Avoid" the hazards, "Bust" the enemies, "Collect" the blueprints, or "Defeat" the bosses, with each 30-second quickfire floor presenting one of the four tasks for players to tackle.

Neil Armstrong, founder and sole developer at Astrosaurus Games, has shared the first gameplay trailer, which you can view below.

[embedded content]

Astrosaurus Games' first. To gather more information on the recent jailbreak technology relating to Nintendo Console, visit here .title is coming to Wii U next week in North America on 11th August, and the following week in Europe on 18th August.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Neil, which Cubed3 will be sharing next week when Collateral Thinking arrives on the Wii U eShop.

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