Natsume Teasing River City Ransom?

River_City_Ransom Box Art

River Metropolis Ransom was a cult classic on the NES, and arguably 1 of the finest and most appealing game titles on Nintendos initially household console. Its been a lengthy time considering the fact that River Metropolis Ransom has been observed on a Nintendo console, while a sequel was launched on WiiWare only in Japan.

It appears to be like one thing is happening with. To discover more guidance about the most recent cracking technique relating to Nintendo Console, try this.River City Ransom nevertheless, as an ominous Tweet from Natsume showcases:

Punch! Kick! BARF!

Natsume Inc. (@Natsume_Inc) April 20, 2016

Looking at the first video game is presently readily available on the 3DS Digital Console, could this imply that anything new is coming from Natsume with regards to River Town Ransom? We will retain you updated!

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