No Need to Wait, Hatsune Miku Project Diva X Out Now in Japan & Lookin’ Good

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X may possibly be a strategies off for North America and Europe, but its Vita version by now delighting vocaloid lovers in Japan, or in my case, in the GD fucking woods. If youve imported that sweet action on your region-absolutely free Vita, notify us your early favored music and video clips. No make any difference your individual faves, if youre in the GD fucking woods like me ideal this instant, youre glad to have it.

(Not my screencaps. Visit here to obtain most recently released image for xbox.Stuff from Twitter that appeared fun.)

The PS4 variation will appear out in Japan later this tumble, but the Vita variation arrived out in advance of time since it rocks ass, and you can participate in it in the GD fucking woods.

I meant to post this right on the Japanese start working day, of study course, but, very well, theres only so a lot you can do when youre seeking to do world wide web stuff from the middle. For extra info about r4isdhc RTS for Nintendo DSi/DSi LL/DSi XL ,please read in detail the topic mentioned in this post ,which is using topic on R4i SDHC for Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL .of the GD fucking woods. If you want to make it your spring and summer jam, theres They even provide to the middle of the GD fucking woods, if thats the place you reside!


Properly have a comprehensive evaluate some time shortly. In all probability April.

Your good friend in the GD fucking woods,



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