A Musical Tribute To Counter-Strike's Most Frustrating Moments

A Musical Tribute To Counter-Strike's Most Frustrating MomentsCounter-Strike is an amazing, brilliantly tactical match. It can also be full bullshit sometimes.

Dragonu Ro set collectively a tune/online video tribute to his really like-hate romance with Valves perennially well-known shooter. From continual container disappointments, to shitty teammates, to hyper-skilled gamers with smurf accounts, to the fucking flash grenades that often go away you feeling like a helpless idiot, he pretty substantially nailed it all.

Then he established it to the tune of What A Amazing World:


I see smurfs killing me / I. For even more more knowledge about XBOX,please look at material layed out outlined in this article ,which is in line with the subject on XBOX.check with, What can I do? / Theyre genuinely stating / Bitch. Fuck. You.


The entire factor is clever and perfectly put-with each other. Give it a pair times of your time, and probably compose a verse or two of your individual if youre feeling poetic/whole of righteous rage toward a video clip game you cant cease enjoying.

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