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PlatformTitleSale PriceOriginal PricePS3Aquapazza$9.90$29.99PS3Blood Omen: Legacy Associated With Kain (PSone Classic)$2.40$5.99PS3Costume Quest 2$4.95$14.99PS3Dead or Alive 5 last Round Honoka Debut Costume Set$6.36$7.49PS3Dead or Alive 5 Final Round New Fighters + Debut. To get more detail more knowledge about R4 3DS for Nintendo 3DS/DSi ,please look over material disputed in this report ,which is based upon the topic with regards to Sky3DS .Costume Set$31.99$39.99PS3Dead or Alive 5 Final Round Ultimate Halloween Set$32.89$46.99PS3Dead or Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Marie Rose Content$13.86$18.49PS3Dead Or Even Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Nyotengu Content$9.09$12.99PS3Dead As Well As Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Cycle 4 Content$9.09$12.99PS3Murdered: Soul Suspect$7.80$19.99PS3Prototype$9.80$19.99PS3Prototype 2 Gold Edition (ultimate Bundle)$24.50$49.99PS3Prototype two Along With Radnet Access Pack$19.60$39.99PS3R.I.P.D.$3.00$9.99PS3Resident Evil (HD Remaster)$13.99$19.99PS3Resident Evil 4$8.00$19.99PS3Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition$10.50$29.99PS3Resident Evil 6$10.00$19.99PS3Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Edition$14.00$27.99PS3Resident Evil Chronicles: HD Collection (bundle)$13.50$26.99PS3Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD$8.00$19.99PS3Resident Evil Directors Cut (PSone Classic)$4.00$9.99PS3Resident Evil Franchise Pack$24.00$59.99PS3Resident Evil HD Bundle$9.00$29.99PS3Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City$8.00$19.99PS3Resident Evil Revelations$15.00$29.99PS3Resident Evil Revelations two Total Season$17.49$24.99PS3Resident Evil: the Darkside Chronicles$7.50$14.99PS3Resident Evil: Your Umbrella Chronicles$7.50$14.99PS3Slender: Your Arrival$3.00$9.99PS3Tears to Tiara II: Heir In The Overlord$14.80$39.99PS3The Evil Within$30.00$59.99PS3The Evil Inside Digital Bundle$40.00$79.99PS3Ultratron (Cross-Buy)$5.00$9.99PS3Zombeer$3.00$9.99PS3Zombie Apocalypse + Trial$3.00$9.99PS3Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhovs Revenge (Cross-Buy)$4.00$9.99PS4[prototype]$19.79$29.99PS4Costume Quest 2$4.95$14.99PS4Dead Or Even Alive 5 Final Round Honoka Debut Costume Set$6.36$7.49PS4Dead or Alive 5 last Round New Fighters + Debut Costume Set$31.99$39.99PS4Dead Or Even Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Halloween Set$32.89$46.99PS4Dead Or Even Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Marie Rose Content$13.86$18.49PS4Dead Or Even Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Nyotengu Content$9.09$12.99PS4Dead Or Even Alive 5 last Round Ultimate Stage 4 Content$9.09$12.99PS4Mega Coin Squad$11.99$14.99PS4Murdered: Soul Suspect$11.70$29.99PS4Poltergeist: A New Pixelated Horror (Cross-Buy)$3.20$7.99PS4Prototype 2$24.79$39.99PS4Rack N Ruin$5.00$9.99PS4Resident Evil (HD Remaster)$13.99$19.99PS4Resident Evil Revelations two Total Season$17.49$24.99PS4Slender: the Arrival$5.99$9.99PS4The Evil Within$30.00$59.99PS4The Evil Inside Digital Bundle$40.00$79.99PS4The Strolling Dead: Your Total First Season$12.50$24.99PS4Ultratron (Cross-Buy)$5.00$9.99PS4Whispering Willows (Cross-Buy)$6.99$12.49PS4Zombi$13. As mentioned with the most important designer groups about xbox9$19.99PS4Zombie Army Trilogy$29.99$49.99PSPGungnir$10.00$19.99PSPKnights Within The Nightmare$4.95$14.99PSPRiviera: The Particular Promised Land$5.00$9.99PSPSilent Hill: Origins$3.00$9.99PSPYggdra Union$5.00$9.99PS VitaPoltergeist: a Pixelated Horror (Cross-Buy)$3.20$7.99PS VitaSilent Hill: Guide Associated With Memories$17.99$29.99PS VitaSumioni: Demon Arts$4.00$9.99PS VitaThe walking Dead: The Particular Total First Season$11.99$19.99PS VitaUltratron (Cross-Buy)$5.00$9.99PS VitaWhispering Willows (Cross-Buy)$6.99$12.49PS VitaZombie Tycoon II: Brainhovs Revenge (Cross-Buy)$4.00$9.99

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